Call for papers

Dear friends and colleagues,

INSTAT invites you to become part of “Research” journal, and to promote manuscripts that can contribute on scientific research and socio-economic policies.

This journal serves not only as a platform for the researchers in order to share methodologies on data collection and analysis, but as well as a network between statisticians and researchers.

Articles should fall into the following categories:

  • Academic articles with a length of 3000-13000 words in the form of empirical research

and follow a well-defined structure as: Title, Authors and contacts, Abstract, Article body and Conclusion.

  • Informative articles of up to 3000 words in the form of a "methodological explanatory" or "research notes”.

More detailed information on the structure of manuscripts could be found on the INSTAT web site, where there is a dedicated space to the Research journal

Papers will be available to the public and their submission is free of charge.

Deadlines for Informative articles submission will be as following:

  • Abstract submission:15th of July 2020
  • Confirmation of the abstract:  31th  of July 2020
  • Submission of the full paper:  31th of August 2020

Deadlines for Academic articles submission will be as following:

  • Abstract submission: 31th of July 2020
  • Confirmation of the abstract: 15th of September 2020
  • Submission of the full paper:  15th of November 2020

Articles need to be sent to the email address:

Thank you!