Who is director general of INSTAT?

The General Director shall be the highest governing body of INSTAT, whose professional independence is guaranteed by this law.  The General Director shall be appointed by the Albanian Parliament, upon the proposal of the Council of Ministers, following a transparent and public selection procedure.  The public selection procedure of candidates shall be conducted by the Council of Ministers. The manner this procedure is performed, the deadlines for the notification and the criteria for the evaluation of candidates shall be determined by a Decision of Council of Ministers and shall be made public. Following the completion of the procedure, the results of which shall be made public, the Council of Ministers shall propose to the Albanian Parliament no less than three selected candidates, accompanied by the entire administrative documentation filed during the process. Should the Albanian Parliament omit to approve the proposed candidates, the Council of Ministers shall be obligated to repeat the procedure by proposing other candidates.

The General Director shall be appointed for a five-year period, and may be re-appointed only once.

Director General
Elsa Dhuli (short bio)