Quality Reports

Referential metadata or quality reports, describe concepts and statistical methods used to collect and generate data. They also provide information on data quality. Thus, they assist user in correctly interpreting statistical information.

Currently INSTAT is using two standards to document referential metadata:  ESMS (Euro SDMX Metadata Structure) and ESQRS (ESS Standard Quality Report Structure), that are the main reference metadata reporting standards used within the ESS.

The purpose of the ESMS files is to document the methodologies, the quality aspects, and the statistical production processes in general and ESQRS files provide users with detailed information for assessing the quality of the data.

Agriculture Statistics2018
Household Budget Survey201620172018
Labour Force Survey201720182019
Labour Cost Survey2016
Structural Business Statistics2015201620172018
Import Price Index201620172018
Consumer Price Index20162017 2018

Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices

Producer Price Index20162017 2018
Construction Cost Index (Dwelling)20162017 2018
Building permits201620172018
Balance of Electric Power2016201720182019
Statistical Business Register201620172018
Short Term Statistics201620172018
Crime Statistics20172018
External Trade201620172018
Retail Trade201620172018
Adult Education Survey2018
Transport Statistics20182019
Road Accidents2018 2019
Movements of Citizens20182019

Information and Communication Technology in Enterprises (ICT)


Education Statistics

Health Statistics2018
Livestock Statistics2018
Milk and Dairy Products  Survey2018
Production in Industry2018
Production in Construction2018
Turnover Index in Industry2018
Turnover Index in Services2018
National Accounts2019